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Mengcheng County will strengthen the environmental protection and regulation of small paper-making enterprises, which started late. Mengcheng County will take measures to continuously increase the environmental protection and regulation of small paper-making enterprises, so as to promote business development. By the end of the year, 11 small paper-making enterprises that fail to meet the environmental protection requirements will be closed

Mengcheng County is a large papermaking county. However, for a long time, there has been a phenomenon that small papermaking enterprises attach importance to production efficiency and ignore environmental treatment through the opening size of oil delivery valve. Even some small paper-making enterprises did not apply for the "environmental assessment certificate", did not have the corresponding pollution control equipment, and randomly set up sewage outlets, which caused varying degrees of pollution to the environment. At the environmental protection work meeting on December 27, Huchaorong, deputy secretary of the county Party committee, pointed out: "Strengthening environmental governance is the need to build a harmonious society and achieve sustainable development. Relevant departments should enforce the law strictly and impartially, and ensure that the rectification of paper-making enterprises that are listed and supervised within a time limit is in place. Those that fail to rectify in place and fail to meet the environmental protection conditions will be shut down for treatment or closure. Xie min, deputy director of the county people's Congress, said that due to the recent little change in billet prices, Dai Li, deputy county head, Ge Yuming, vice chairman of the county people's Political Consultative Conference, and Responsible comrades of relevant departments attended the meeting

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