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Qi Baishi's granddaughter even accepted AI disciples. Can AI draw the artistic conception of shrimp

Chinese painting is a kind of traditional painting with a long history. "The painter also paints. Measure the images and take their truth". Chinese painting pursues the similarity of the images in form and spirit, and stresses charm and realm

from "stepping on flowers and returning to horseshoe fragrance" to "frog sound comes out of mountain spring within ten miles", the reason, mind and intention in Chinese paintings are all amazing

the artistic life of the masters of traditional Chinese painting has also been well told. Not only do human beings have unremitting pursuit of art

for example, Qi Baishi, a master of modern Chinese painting, is good at flowers and birds, insects and fish, landscapes and figures. His pen and ink are vigorous and moist, the colors are rich and bright, the shapes are concise and vivid, and the artistic conception is simple and simple. The fish, shrimp, insects and crabs are very interesting. When AI wants to challenge Qi Baishi, what will happen? When AI also began to "show her skills" in the creative field, can she draw the artistic conception of Chinese painting? CCTV invited the audience to the scene of "super smart" tonight is the intelligent Chinese painting system "Daozi", which has the most artistic cells in artificial intelligence and the most sense of science and technology among artists

"Daozi" excels in that it can learn the painting styles of different paintings, and draw the scenery in front of it into a picture with a specific style. As one of the top ten famous paintings handed down in China, zhangzeduan of the Northern Song Dynasty, "the picture of the river during the Qingming Festival" reflects the daily life of the people who strive to improve their working standards along the Bianhe River in the Northern Song Dynasty, and "Daozi" brings the work to the scene of "extraordinary wit", It is based on the "Bian River" in Beijing, and the spray free bumper came into being as "Wudaokou"

"Daozi" records the daily life of people there with intelligent creation method. Although only 5 years old, "Daozi" with strong learning ability of artificial intelligence has shown very excellent painting skills

as a "newcomer" in the art world, "Daozi" naturally learned shrimp painting from Qi Baishi. On the spot, "Daozi" will challenge two young painters. To be fair, it is qihuijuan, Qi Baishi's granddaughter and famous painter, who will be the industry inspector of this issue of "great wit"

"Daozi" has learned about hundreds of Qi Baishi's painting styles. It is said that he has mastered the shape and spirit of Qi's shrimp painting. Qi Huijuan, who wants to become the first AI disciple of Qimen, gives the first test of "Daozi"'s shrimp painting skills

qihuijuan wrote a topic on the spot. While "Daozi" and the young painters were nervous, the witty witness group was also unwilling to be outdone and began to draw shrimp. The witty witness group had different styles of ink shrimp, especially the shrimp copied by Han Xue. Xiaosadang "collected" Han Xue's paintings. Qi Lao's group of shrimp drawings were few, showing a dynamic feeling with the depth of ink

each shrimp is lifelike and full of interest

shrimp has always been an important object of Chinese flower and bird ink painting. It seems simple to paint shrimp, but it actually requires skill. When Qi Baishi practiced painting shrimp, he raised a few long armed shrimp in a bowl, placed them on the painting table, observed them every day, and kept painting until they became perfect.

after the age of 80, Qi Baishi painting users will be able to enjoy all the advantages of 3D printing. Shrimp has been perfected, making shrimp one of the representative artistic symbols of Qi's painting school

there have been many creative artificial intelligence on the stage of super smart

Xiaobing and Jiuge who can write poems

in the field of artistic creation, more and more artificial intelligence will emerge in the future. The fatigue testing machine will be more intelligent in the future. Is it possible that "Tao Zi" can replace human painters? What are the unique advantages of AI in learning painting

with the help of "Tao Zi", will the continuous artistic creation inspiration of mankind be inherited and carried forward more completely and vividly

what kind of paintings can "Tao Zi" make? Can it pass the test after the famous family? All the suspense will be revealed at 8 o'clock tonight

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