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The ZWZ trademark of Wazhou group is recognized as a well-known trademark in China by the state

Wafangdian Bearing Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Wafangdian group") is the birthplace of China's bearing industry, the largest bearing manufacturer in China, and the eighth largest bearing industry in the world. The leading products of Wazhou group are bearings supporting major technical equipment, rail transit bearings, automobile vehicle bearings, wind power new energy bearings, etc. more than 16000 bearing products all have independent intellectual property rights. The ZWZ trademark of Wazhou group is recognized as a well-known trademark in China by the state

Wazhou group was honored as "the hometown of bearings in China" by Premier Wen Jiabao. As a well-known enterprise in China, Wazhou group was elected as "integrity demonstration enterprise in Liaoning Province" and "integrity demonstration enterprise in four provinces (regions) in Northeast China" in 2010. For this reason, this magazine interviewed wanglushun, chairman of Wazhou group, to have an in-depth understanding of the business process of the enterprise

for a long time, Wazhou group has adhered to the principle of "integrity-based" and the business purpose of "providing value-added services for users, creating market value for enterprises and creating a happy life for employees". While the enterprise continues to grow, it strives to achieve the common and harmonious development of users, enterprises, employees and society

actively fulfill the society and contribute to the construction of a harmonious society

Wazhou group is well aware that as an economic organization, it not only shoulders the bounden duty of developing social productive forces, but also undertakes the important tasks of social development, national economic construction, improving people's living standards, providing material and spiritual products and creating economic benefits. While becoming a bigger and stronger enterprise, Wazhou intuitive durable group never forgets to fulfill the society, firmly establishes the concept of "honesty and trustworthiness, legal operation, paying taxes according to law and returning to the society", and has won the titles of "top 100 tax paying enterprises in Liaoning Province" and "50 large tax paying households in Dalian". It has won the titles of "national contract abiding and trustworthy unit", "national user satisfaction Enterprise", "Liaoning contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise" and "Liaoning user satisfaction Enterprise". At the same time, Wazhou group resolutely resisted unfair competition such as misappropriation of business reputation or achievements, imitation and counterfeiting of ZWZ products, formed a joint force against counterfeiting with the help of law enforcement departments, made certain achievements and maintained a good economic development environment

facing the pattern, opportunities and challenges of the development of the world's equipment manufacturing industry, Wazhou group has determined the strategic goal of the 12th Five Year Plan: to implement the commanding height strategy, build a large bearing group with international competitiveness to classify plastic product failure as a comprehensive catalog, and focus on the development of supporting bearings for strategic emerging industries, supporting bearings for national major technical equipment and functional components. Speed up the adjustment of product structure and market structure guided by high-end market and high-end products; Based on the development of precision technology, we will increase investment in technology research and development and technological transformation. The problem of express delivery pollution is becoming more and more prominent. We will continue to improve the independent innovation ability and international competitiveness of enterprises, and advance towards a world-class bearing group with international competitiveness

adhere to the principle of "integrity-based" and provide customers with whole process credit management services

Wazhou group takes improving customer satisfaction and creating social benefits as its foothold for enterprise development and strives to ensure harmonious development with customers. Wazhou group has always emphasized strengthening internal management and establishing the management concept of everyone serving the market. Wazhou group has established a complete contract management system, standardized the whole process from contract negotiation, signing to performance, and ensured that the contract signing subject is qualified, the contract content is based, and the contract performance is guaranteed

Wazhou group implemented the "resource efficiency action", which promoted the improvement of management level. Through bidding procurement, price comparison procurement and zero inventory management, the average procurement price was reduced by 15%; By implementing process improvement, canceling soft grinding process, popularizing the use of nylon cage instead of copper cage, and implementing special-shaped rolling and expanding process, the utilization rate of materials is greatly improved; Through technological innovation and strengthened management, the cost was reduced, and the energy consumption per 10000 yuan output value was reduced by 8.8%; Through the full implementation of "U project", the process quality control was improved and the product quality was improved; Through the implementation of pull production mode and ERP management, the production management level was improved, and the average production cycle was shortened by 5 days, effectively meeting the needs of the market and customers

2000, Wazhou group proposed to carry out "ten value-added services" based on honesty in enterprises and achieved remarkable results. At present, "ten value-added services" has become an important business strategy of Wazhou group and has been implemented in all links of enterprise marketing activities. "Ten value-added services" include: one-step variety supporting services; Punctual delivery service; Zero distance, networking and distribution logistics distribution services; Product development service of synchronous development; Progressiveness, reliable and stable product quality service; Integrity based whole process credit service; Reasonable price service; Localization service of comprehensive solutions; Value added brand services for mainframe products; Accurate and fast information consulting service

through the implementation of "ten value-added services", Wazhou group has not only rapidly expanded the market and achieved leapfrog development, but also intensified the harmonious relationship between the enterprise and customers and achieved win-win development with customers

continuously improve the technical level, adjust the product structure, and provide customers with the best products

Wazhou group has long strengthened the technical transformation, accelerated the product structure adjustment, and provided customers with more high-end and high-quality products

in order to better meet the growing needs of customers, Wazhou group has made every effort to implement technical transformation and product structure adjustment. Aiming at the world's advanced level, the company has actively launched and implemented the "falcon plan" with the development of alternative imported products and high-end and sophisticated products as its main direction, and achieved remarkable results. The company has successively obtained 68 scientific and technological achievements above the provincial and ministerial level and 156 authorized patents. The bearing products have won the National Gold Award. It has successfully developed more than 00 bearing products with 20 round shafts that are restricted from export to China, filling the domestic gap. The product performance has reached the international advanced level. At present, it is expanding the bearing supporting field at the speed of 2 new products every day; The only "national large bearing engineering technology research center" in the bearing industry was officially settled in the bearing group with the approval of the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China; Over the years, Wazhou group has been an excellent enterprise in technological innovation in Dalian. In 2010, it was rated as a "national technological innovation enterprise"; The projects of "wind turbine bearing design and manufacturing technology" and "special bearing test platform for large wind turbines" have been included in the National 863 program. Wazhou group has also participated in the national "973" program high-end bearing technology research project, laying a solid foundation for enterprises to continue to lead China's bearing industry

wanglushun, chairman of Wazhou group, proposed that we should take the road of sustainable and scientific development, develop environmental protection as an industry, operate as a brand, expand as a culture, and complete as the main work of building a harmonious society. The group adheres to the policy of "one main line and seven synchronizations", that is, it takes high-tech transformation enterprises as the main line to achieve "seven synchronizations" in market development, product development, process development, equipment development, logistics transformation, environmental transformation and staff quality improvement. Since the 11th five year plan, Wazhou group has spent more than 30million yuan on environmental protection, and built and expanded sewage treatment stations; Part of the grinding emulsion coolant is changed into environment-friendly MCT oil-free grinding fluid, and the centralized water supply mode is adopted for recycling, which greatly reduces the industrial water consumption and wastewater pollution; The pickling process will be canceled and the ultrasonic cleaning machine will replace the traditional pickling process, reducing the pollution of waste acid. In terms of on-site environmental management, the company has made various garbage cans with obvious signs for classified management of industrial waste. Among them, hazardous solid wastes are collected in a unified way and all are entrusted to units with hazardous solid waste treatment qualification for treatment, so that the waste treatment meets the requirements of relevant national environmental protection laws and regulations. In terms of plant environmental construction, Wazhou group invests more than 3million yuan every year for plant environmental construction. Today, Wazhou group has spacious roads and bright plants, and has been rated as a "garden factory" by the province and the city for consecutive years. The company has passed the third-party certification of the environmental management system of Lloyd's register of shipping at one time, obtained the IS014001 environmental management system certification, and has won the honorary titles of "model enterprise of Dalian environmental protection" and "advanced unit of Dalian environmental publicity and education"

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