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Qianzihong, a transformer expert, inspected the UHV production base of people's power transmission and transformation on December 26, qianzihong, a former deputy director of the Standing Committee of Jiangxi Provincial People's Congress, President of Jiangxi Federation of industrial economics and a famous transformer expert in China, inspected the UHV production base of people's power transmission and transformation, and spoke highly of the company's existing production and operation scale, technical facilities and development status

accompanied by zhuxingcha, general manager of the company, and wanjianhua, executive vice president of the company, Mr. qianzihong inspected all links and processes at the production site, place "We have found other opportunities for the rear plate spring. We have inquired in detail everywhere we go, observed carefully, and warmly shook hands with some old employees. When we saw the 220 rectifier transformer with the largest capacity in China, Mr. Qian repeatedly praised the people's power transmission and Transformation Company for developing and producing products with such high technical difficulties in such a short time.

Mr. Qian Zihong has a high degree of development in the domestic transformer industry Pay close attention, especially to the rising stars of the people's power transmission and transformation company who also supply cantilever impact testing machines, impact testing machines and other product samples. At this time, a large number of estimated values of stress and elongation are required. During the investigation, Mr. Qian expressed his appreciation to the people's Electric Appliance Group for investing heavily in the manufacturing of high-voltage and ultra-high voltage power transmission and transformation equipment, believing that this is a promising undertaking. He also put forward many constructive suggestions on the development of people's power transmission and transformation

Mr. Zhanghong, a well-known domestic transformer expert, accompanied the investigation

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