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On November 13, 2009, on the anniversary of the liberation of Qianjiang, the foundation of Qianjiang PVC joint integration project of Oriental hope group was grandly laid in Qinggang Development Zone of Zhengyang Industrial Park

the Qianjiang PVC joint integration project of Oriental hope group is a major project in the construction of the city's chemical industry. It is an important measure to accelerate the development of the city's chemical industry, implement the development strategy of "one circle and two wings", promote the rise of Southeast Chongqing, and promote the overall urban and rural development of the city. In recent years, the Qianjiang District Party committee and government have established the development concept of "industry first" under the guidance of the scientific concept of development, Vigorously carry out the development strategy of opening to the outside world and vigorously implement the "strong industrial zone", and successfully introduce major industrial projects with the largest one-time investment scale, the highest output capacity and decisive impact and support on economic and social development in Qianjiang in history. The project makes full use of local limestone mines and power resources to produce vinyl chloride with chlorine and hydrogen generated from acetylene production from calcium carbide and electrolysis of raw salt as the main raw materials, and then polymerize polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The estimated total investment of the project is about 10billion yuan, and the construction period is three years. After completion, the project can achieve an annual total industrial output value of 10billion yuan and profit and tax of 2.5 billion yuan, directly and drive relevant industries to solve the employment of 5000 people due to the spiral characteristics of steel wire rope in the experiment. The commencement of the project is of great strategic significance for improving the industrial layout of the whole city, improving the production technology level of the high chemical industry without deformation, driving the development and upgrading of the new material industry, promoting the adjustment and optimization of the regional economic structure, and stimulating the economic growth of Qianjiang District to achieve the goal of "20 billion, top 20"

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