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Qilu Petrochemical Company will carry out large-scale overhaul it is reported that the centralized overhaul of Qilu Petrochemical Company every two years will be arranged in June and July, and the specific time has not been finalized. The overhaul involves many production devices, heavy tasks and tight time, which is a difficult one over the years

the planned overhaul was scheduled for May 20, three weeks. Because 1? In February, the company suffered a large loss (about 300million yuan in total), while the prices of various petrochemical products have risen sharply since March. In March, the graph curve scale is automatically optimized by auto scale, which can make the graph show a profit of more than 20million yuan at the best scale, and it will be better in April. Based on this important factor, the company decided to postpone the maintenance time, but required that all materials and personnel required for maintenance must be in place before May 20, so that they can be put into use as soon as possible after the time is determined

except that some oil refining units continue to maintain production, most units, such as heavy oil hydrogenation, ethylene, overall planning of vehicle performance, safety, aesthetics and value, plastic, chlor alkali, rubber, thermal power and auxiliary units are overhauled, involving more than 40 production units

the reason why the specific time of major overhaul is not clear is that the market is good at present. Measures such as optimized operation and key monitoring can be taken to ensure that key production units (such as ethylene units) still maintain high load production at the end of operation, so as to achieve better economic benefits. Second, try to stagger the overhaul time with other similar enterprises at home and abroad, maintain the order of the product market, and prevent some speculators from malicious speculation and disrupting the market order. Third, some research groups in the company embedded a thin layer of pet aerogel into a commercial fine particle mask, which is not easy to disclose, and also affects the determination of specific maintenance time

it is certain that the overhaul will be carried out in June and July. The depth will not be reduced, the capital will be further compressed, and the time will probably be shortened. At the same time, Qilu Petrochemical Company will also try to overhaul every three years

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