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QC team of Jianglu company returns with new achievements in gear research

QC team of Jianglu company returns with new achievements in gear research

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recently, The latest QC team achievement "improving the qualification rate of double gear shaper" of the special process room of the Technology Institute of the technology center of Jianglu company won the on-site release award and the first prize of QC achievement at the 33rd conference of quality management team achievements in China's ordnance industry. The conference was hosted by the China Military Quality Association and attended by more than 180 QC teams from the weapons industry

in recent years, the Institute of technology has always paid attention to quality management, actively carried out QC group activities, and won the honorary title of excellent quality management group in the ordnance industry and the company for many times. In the process of infiltration, the subject of this application is to solve the problem that it is a multi-function combination of connector installation, transition pipe function and tension connector, and a 1-BODY clamp duplex gear in the process of fine gear shaping. The QC team tackled the problem of low qualification rate of double gear shaping by using PDCA method, and found out that the main sticking point is the phenomenon of tool yield in the process of part processing. Through a series of processes such as cause analysis, key cause confirmation and countermeasure implementation, the team finally raised the qualification rate of double gear shaping to more than 95%, and ensured the production progress while achieving the activity goal

in order to ensure the quality of simple accessories and device tables for QC achievements, the special process room Q of Jianglu company will also give the extruder industry endless development momentum. Group C made careful preparations before the competition, from the achievement summary materials to the production of slides. It has improved the ability of the team and team of Jianglu company to cooperate in operations, and realized that small achievements lead to large benefits, and small activities create a big stage

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