Interior decoration Feng Shui layout principles

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In interior decoration, we should not only pay attention to the practicality, color, favorite degree and so on. We also need to know the principles of Feng Shui layout in interior decoration. Let's take a look at the following articles

Items with sharp Feng Shui layout principles for interior decoration, such as swords, firearms, medals, and animal specimens, should not be hung on the wall. Because these items will produce Yin Qi, leading to quarrels or violent acts. Similarly, lamps or decorations with Lingjiao should be avoided.</p>
<p>beds should not face the windows, especially the West windows, because the windows receive light and heat. Even the windows facing east are not good, because residents will be early The dazzling sunshine in the morning. The bed facing the door is also unlucky. This is because when the dead were laid in ancient China, their feet were facing the door. In addition, the bed cannot be placed under the inclined ceiling</p>
<p>the bed should lean against a solid wall, which is better than being placed in front of a glass window, because the wall is like a mountain protecting the home, giving the sleeper a solid feeling. The bed cannot face the mirror. Chinese people believe that when people are asleep, the soul will leave their body. If the mirror is just opposite the bed, and the soul sees its image, the soul will be shocked, which in turn will hinder people's spirit. However, the mirror can be used in narrow space or aisle. It can make people have broad illusion, turn the flow of air, and stimulate the improvement of air flow</p>
<p>since light will be reflected by glass and mirrors, the dresser in the bedroom cannot face the window. In addition, the furniture placed in the bedroom should not form rows of arches pointing backward to the bed or the center of the bedroom, otherwise, it will damage the health of people in the bedroom</p>
<p>II. Kitchen</p>
<p>Yin Yang balance theory is also applicable to kitchen design. The refrigerator house should not be close to the stove, otherwise water and fire will collide. Under no circumstances should the stove be placed in a dead corner, because there is neither light nor ventilation. The kitchen should not face or * close to the bathroom, because Feng Shui experts believe that the two rooms are incompatible</p>
<p>III. living room</p>
<p>placing a recliner in the living room will not bring good feng shui, just like a shovel, shoveling in the opposite direction. It is also unlucky to hold a person's chair directly against a larger window or door</p>
<p>IV. dining room</p>
<p>according to Chinese people, the table should be round, which symbolizes heaven's blessing. The table should be placed in the center of the dining room, and the light should be balanced. The number of dining chairs must be an even number, not an odd number</p>
<p>v. study</p>
<p>in the study, the position and shape of furniture are very important. It should be changed into a rectangle, and * a solid wall, and a window on the left is the best. And should conform to the direction of Feng Shui Ji</p>
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