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1、 Eight misunderstandings of modern decoration

1. When doing home decoration design, we should consider more beautiful and luxurious, and pay less attention to the indoor environment, function and safety

2. Pollution can be avoided as long as high-grade or expensive building materials are selected

3. Let large home decoration companies decorate, the indoor environment should be qualified, and you can move in quickly

4. After decoration, air fresheners, pineapple peel, orange peel, etc. can be used to purify indoor harmful gases

5. Indoor pollution can be solved as long as air purifiers are used or indoor sanitation and greening are done well

6. All the decoration materials used are environmental protection products, so the indoor air will not be polluted after decoration

7. It is normal for newly decorated houses and newly bought furniture to have some unpleasant smell, because they are new

8. After staying for a period of time, if there is no unpleasant smell in the room, there will be no pollution and it is safe

2. Eight misunderstandings of indoor environment

1. As long as you feel that there is no smell, there is no pollution in the indoor environment

2. As long as environmental protection materials are used in decoration, there must be no indoor pollution

3. Only pay attention to the pollution caused by decoration, ignoring the indoor environmental pollution caused by furniture purchase

4. Only pay attention to the indoor environmental pollution of families, and pay no attention to the pollution of units, offices and public places

5. Only pay attention to the pollution caused by interior decoration, and do not pay attention to other aspects of pollution

6. Only knowing that ventilation is conducive to purifying the environment, I don't know how to reasonably ventilate

7. Only know that the indoor environment should be tested, but do not know that effective treatment should be carried out first

8. Pay attention to signing environmental protection contracts. The decoration contract of contracting labor and materials should clearly stipulate the environmental protection requirements in the contract, so as to avoid empty talk after disputes




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