American style is simple, elegant but not extravag

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The owner of this case has high self-cultivation, profound knowledge, and has his own unique views on home design - simple, elegant, calm. The designer positioned this case as a modern American style to reflect the spiritual home in the owner's heart. In color, it mainly adopts the combination of mild camel color and refreshing white, making the space like a fresh gardenia, elegant and refined. The structure follows the simple tone of modern American style, and the whole space is elegant but not extravagant, simple and extraordinary

living room

introduction to the living room

the lines of the living room are washed and refined. The light colored walls, ceilings, sofas and dark colored tea tables and high cabinets complement each other, making the space color have a balanced beauty. Fireplace TV cabinet is a beautiful scene in the living room, emitting a strong flavor of American life


Introduction to bedroom

dark brown wooden lockers and bedsteads increase the sense of massiness of the space and balance the relatively simple style of hard decoration


introduction to the kitchen

the restaurant continues the elegant charm of the living room. The overall space layout is elegant and stable, with clear lines. The wooden table forms a simple natural style, adding a little leisure to the dining space

the kitchen combines antique wall and floor tiles with black-and-white cabinets to set off a calm and refreshing style. The small and simple bar separates the kitchen from the restaurant, and the simple chandelier injects a flexible sense of light into the space, which is full of sentiment


introduction to bathroom

the bathroom is designed into a pattern of dry and wet separation, and its function is very humanized

black and white are timeless classic collocations, which give people a refreshing and lively visual experience, and they are not tired of looking for a long time


introduction to study

plain wallpaper creates a warm and quiet reading environment. Bookcases are designed on both sides of the bay window to facilitate owners' access to books. Morning dew, a cup of fragrant milk, a beloved book, savor your own quiet time




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