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Precautions for choosing decoration company

1 Design fee. Many decoration companies claim to design for free, and it is suggested that such decoration companies should be carefully selected. Design is also a kind of service. If there is no charge, the enthusiasm of designers cannot be mobilized, and the quality and follow-up of design cannot be guaranteed

2. Whether the project is subcontracted. If they subcontract one layer, the profit will be reduced by one layer. Therefore, there are more subcontracts. The last level of construction parties have no profit in the construction according to the specifications, but they also want to survive. At this time, they will damage the interests of the owner and obtain their own interests. Some decoration companies even don't have their own construction teams at all, and they subcontract the project after receiving it. Sometimes it costs a lot of money, but the guerrillas finally come to construct it. The owner can indicate that the project cannot be subcontracted when signing, otherwise the decoration company will bear the corresponding legal responsibility

3. Decoration quotation. See whether the quotation is detailed, whether there are obvious omissions, and whether the brand and specification of the materials used are listed. Try to replace the auxiliary materials with other well-known brands, and compare the price increase to see the moisture of the quotation. At the same time, I need to know the average price level in the market, especially the hydropower part, which is often the main source of profit for decoration companies

4. Whether to accept formal supervision. If you don't accept it, it means you have no confidence in your own construction level. The owner himself can also print some construction specifications to check his own construction situation against the construction specifications

5. Inspect the construction site and listen to the public praise. For example, if carpentry or painting has begun, pay attention to whether it is pungent and eye choking after entering the house, so as to check whether the material is environmentally friendly. Owners are generally worried about after-sales problems, so they won't say that their lives are bad in front of workers. If you want to see the reputation of this decoration company, you can ask the attitude of the decorated owners

6. payment method. Pay reasonably according to the process and write it into the contract. The project payment will be paid after the completion of each step of work and the acceptance of materials and process standards. If the terms of the contract are less than half of the decoration and most of the project funds have been paid, it should be carefully selected




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