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Use vacuum cleaner skillfully in decoration

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vacuum cleaners are also very useful in decoration and decoration in addition to cleaning

many wooden parts in the decoration need painting, which can only be completed after many times of polishing and painting. If the vacuum cleaner is equipped with the corresponding brush head, the surface of the object to be painted can be cleaned very clean, even the dirt in the wood grain can be cleaned, and the effect is very good

when paving solid wood floors, it is very important to clean the keel and the ground after the keel is finished and before the floor is paved. At this time, it is difficult to do thorough cleaning only by workers with brooms, and it is the most appropriate to use vacuum cleaners with sharp noses for strong dust collection. When installing lamps and pendants on the wall and ceiling, it is necessary to drill holes. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a pointed nose suction head. The suction head is placed under the percussion drill bit, which can suck away all the falling ash when drilling the hole, and will not pollute the wall again, but also eliminate the trouble of blinding. After drilling, suck the hole by the way, suck away the debris, and then place the expansion bolt, which will be more firm




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